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Merchant Accounts

Merchant Services

Taking payments online can be very confusing!
If you want to make an income online it is a necessity!

If you want to sell products on your website, this is recommended reading.

There are two main ways to collect credit card payments online.
You can get a merchant account for yourself (your website), or you can use a third party processor.

What's the difference between a third party merchant account and your own?

Your own Merchant Account:

Running your own internet business you would generally want your own merchant account - like "CDGcommerce". Having your own merchant account gives you great flexibility and benefits. For starters, your customers will not be required to sign up for an account through a third party (such as Paypal) to pay you for your products or services. Depending on the solution you choose, you can take credit cards through many methods; such as over the phone, Internet, in person, wireless and by fax.

Getting a merchant account also comes with countless benefits, and it will generally cost you less than a third party account.

Most companies provide 24/7 customer service for immediate assistance. You will usually have less issues with the risk department since your application for an account goes through an underwriting process before getting approved. This helps ensure a smooth process rather than having accounts frozen or funds held due to questionable transactions.

Third party merchant account:

Paypal is a third party merchant. They store the credit card numbers that charge your clients. With a third party merchant account, you basically go into your account, click "create item," decide how much to sell that item for, and decide if its going to be a recurring charge or not. Then they give you a link to provide your customers with. Your customers will then go to this link to purchase merchandise from you.

WARNING: many 3rd party merchants have been shut down by MasterCard and visa when it was determined the 3rd party business models to be illegal. Be sure you are informed before selecting a 3rd party merchant. With a merchant account this isn't a problem because they work directly with the major credit card companies.

We believe Paypal will never be shut down due to is size, power, and the fact that they do background checks on the accounts they issue through bank account verification, along with many other security checks.

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