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*WebHostingStuff Stats
Please be aware that the stats displayed from "" are of only, "" ( the website ).
These stats are based on the time since we subscribed and listed this service, not on the amount of time we have had
ScootersWeb-Hosting running. They also reflect time that this site itself is in maintenance mode for upgrades.
These stats also, do not represent the other servers or the data-center (used by ScootersWeb Hosting) as a whole.

Further information: This is a quote from the "WebHostingStuff" website;

"To monitor a web host's entire data-center would be labor and resource intensive as each host may have thousands of servers - mostly unknown to us unless they voluntarily submit an updated list of live server IP's at regular intervals."

"It is easy for a web host to track their internal network up-time - within their own internal network infrastructure. However it is near impossible for a third party to track network up-time externally due to multiple security barriers, e.g. firewalls. "

The status of our up-time is determined of all the servers in the data-center (60,000+).
Rest assure that if we see your site down because of a server outage, we will contact you and honor our 99.9% guarantee.

If you would like actual up-time data, please use the "webmaster" contact above (we will answer this request through standard mail)
and we will be happy to get the information to you!

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